Top 10 Best Kitchen Electric Chimney Brands In India

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There are a number of gadgets that enable you to lead a more comfortable life and one such gadget is the electric chimney. Most people find it tough to cook in the kitchen due to the smoke, smell and heat and the fact that you can’t turn on the fan while you cook. One of the best gadgets that enable you to cook in comfortable situations is a kitchen chimney.

Not only do these chimneys make it easy and convenient for you to cook, they also come with air conditioning which keeps the atmosphere cool. If you’re finding it tough to stand in the kitchen and cook, then one of the best things to do is invest in a good quality electric chimney. Here are some of the top brands that you can pick.

10. Hindware

Hindware is one of the best known brands when it comes to chimneys and hoods for your kitchen. They include designer hoods, Island hoods, straight line hoods, decorative hoods and auto clean hoods. Each of these hoods come is different sizes depending on the size in the kitchen and yoour requirement as well.

Hindware Best Leading and Most Popular Models

  • Hindware Oil Collector 2m PC Rs. 14,990
  • Hindware Oil Collector 2m SS 16,990
  • Hindware Fortune Pc Black 2m (SSF) 9,990
  • Hindware Clarion Rs. 12,990
  • Hindware Lisa60 Rs. 14,990
  • Hindware Pacific 60 Rs. 13,990
  • Hindware Jupiter Plus 60 Rs. 15,990
  • Hindware Diplomat Rs. 52,990
  • Hindware Zelia GL 60 Rs. 17,990
  • Hindware Trabo Plus 60 Rs. 17,990

9. Whirlpool

Whirlpool has some amazing electric kitchen chimneys that you can pick from. They offer both wall mounted as well as island hoods in order to meet the requirements of all their clients. These chimneys are easy to clean and maintain. The best thing about Whirlpool chimneys is that they come with high suction power that not only provides safety, but also comfort while cooking.

Whirlpool Best Leading and Most Popular Models

  • Whirlpool AKR 904 ISOLA (90 Cm) Rs. 24,988
  • Whirlpool AKR 905 ISOLA (90 Cm) Rs. 29,988
  • Whirlpool AKR 9222 (90 cm) Rs. 22,988
  • Whirlpool AKR 9196 Rs. 20,988
  • Whirlpool AKR 6222 Rs. 21,988
  • Whirlpool AKR 604 Platinum Rs. 21,988
  • Whirlpool AKR 904 Platinum Rs. 22,988
  • Whirlpool AKR 605 Platinum Rs. 22,988
  • Whirlpool AKR 6133 Rs. 23,988
  • Whirlpool AKR 905 Platinum Rs. 23,988

8. Usha

Usha hoods are known to emit style and elegance. Usha hoods are high suction and eliminate all bad odors from the kitchen. The body of Usha hoods is made of stainless steel and each of the hoods and chimneys come with a 3 speed soft touch control panel that can help you control the temperature and moisture in the kitchen.

Usha Best Leading and Most Popular Models

  • Usha Excella Rs. 5,988
  • Usha Intellus Rs. 13,988
  • Usha Slender Rs. 8,488
  • Usha Margorita Rs. 19,988
  • Usha Luxotica Rs. 22,488
  • Usha Plush Rs. 22,988
  • Usha Caliph Rs. 44,988
  • Usha Previa Rs. 12,888
  • Usha Stanza Rs. 15,988
  • Usha Vista Rs. 16,488

7. Pigeon

Pigeon is one of the leading chimney brands in India that are known to manufacture high quality electric chimneys at affordable prices. They have a wide range of chimneys that are easy to use, efficient and come with various adjustment levels for better service.

Pigeon Best Leading and Most Popular Models

  • Pigeon Sterling Rs. 9,444
  • Pigeon Windsor Deluxe Baffle Filter Rs. 10,999
  • Pigeon Sterling DLX with Baffle Rs. 10,444
  • Pigeon Senator BK Rs. 7,990
  • Pigeon Windsor Rs. 10,999
  • Pigeon Cornet with Glass Rs. 14,888
  • Pigeon Senator SS Rs. 8,888

6. Bajaj

Bajaj is one of the leading appliance brands in India which has now ventured into chimneys. They are known to create long lasting electric chimneys that are easy to use, efficient and very convenient. The brand has a number of models that you can pick from, and all these models are very user friendly and convenient.

Bajaj Best Leading and Most Popular Models

  • Bajaj Majesty HX 15 Rs. 17,555
  • Bajaj Majesty HX 8BF SS Rs. 17,555
  • Bajaj Majesty HX 7 SS BF Rs. 10,888
  • Bajaj Majesty HX 1 Rs. 7,633

5. Prestige

Prestige is said to offer the best range of kitchen hobs and hoods that can meet all your needs. They come with a high quality powder coating and have a high suction capacity as well. The hoods consist of twin powerful motors and aluminum metal filters.

Prestige Best Leading and Most Popular Models

  • Prestige Contemporary Black B series Rs.12,888
  • Prestige SKH 600 PC Rs. 8,444
  • Prestige SKHD 600 PC Rs. 7,988

4. IFB

If you’re looking for a stylish kitchen chimney that comes with the latest features which will enhance your cooking experience and make it comfortable, then IFB is one of the best brands to invest in. They have a large range of chimneys that you can pick from, and all the chimneys come with a 5 year warranty on the product.

IFB Best Leading and Most Popular Models

  • IFB SS 63P 60CM Rs. 16,988
  • IFB GL 6P 60 CM 17,988
  • IFB GL 6P 90 CM Rs. 19,988
  • IFB GL 14T 60 CM Rs. 19,988
  • IFB GL10 PL 60 CM Rs. 20,988
  • IFB GL 14T 90 CM Rs. 21,988
  • IFB GL10 PL 90 CM Rs. 22,988
  • IFB C1-60CM Rs. 22,988
  • IFB C1-90CM Rs. 25,988
  • IFB GL 90 Island Rs. 39,988


KAFF is known for manufacturing the best cooker hoods in India. It is known for its powerful yet silent suction motors. These motors help remove steam, smoke, grease and any kind of smell from the kitchen. The motorized conveyor system in the hood is extremely powerful.

KAFF Best Leading and Most Popular Models

  • KAFF Ray 60 Rs. 11,988
  • KAFF Manhattan Island 85 Rs. 79,988
  • KAFF Natura Gold 67 Rs. 64,988
  • KAFF Opec Is 90 Rs. 29,988
  • KAFF Modenna DX 90 Rs. 24,488
  • KAFF Finn 60-90 Rs. 17,988
  • KAFF Opec 60-70-90 Rs. 20,988
  • KAFF Velux 60 Rs. 16,988
  • KAFF Theme 60 Rs. 8,988
  • KAFF Marika 90 Rs. 29,988

2. Glen

If you are looking for a stainless steel chimney that looks stylish and lasts long, then Glen is one of the leading brands that you can invest in. This brand is known to manufacture chimneys that look very stylish and come with some of the best features that will enhance your cooking experience.

Glen Best Leading and Most Popular Models

  • Glen GL 6076 SS Rs. 29,988
  • Glen GL 6074 SS Rs. 42,988
  • Glen GL 6073 TC Rs. 29,988
  • Glen GL 6061 SS Rs. 29,988
  • Glen GL 6069 SS (90cm) Rs. 31,911
  • Glen GL 6014 SSPBBF (60cm) Rs. 8,788
  • Glen GL 6013 SSSLBF Rs. 11,988
  • Glen GL 6002 SSSLBF Rs. 6,988
  • Glen GL 6001 SSSLCF Rs. 10,488
  • Glen GL 6001 SSPBBF (70cm) Rs. 8,988

1. Faber HeatKraft

Faber HeatKraft

Faber HeatKraft is a leading chimney brand not only in India but across the world. They have some of the best electric chimneys that you can invest in. When it comes to quality and high air suction, then Faber HeatKraft is by far the best brand to pick.

Faber HeatKraft Best Leading and Most Popular Models

  • Faber HeatKraft Axia Plus Pro Isola Rs. 79,988
  • Faber HeatKraft Value 90 Rs. 11,188
  • Faber HeatKraft Value 60 Rs. 9,988
  • Faber HeatKraft Topaz 850 LTW 90 Rs. 20,788
  • Faber HeatKraft Topaz 850 LTW 60 Rs. 17,688
  • Faber HeatKraft Topaz LTW 60 Rs. 15,588
  • Faber HeatKraft Tender SS LTW 90 Rs. 18,788
  • Faber HeatKraft Tender 720 LTW 60 Rs. 16,688
  • Faber HeatKraft Tender SS LTW 60 Rs. 15,588
  • Faber HeatKraft Stilo 910 LTW 90 Rs. 29,188

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